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TMT Predictions 2015: The future in Technology, Media & Telecommunications

January 28, 2015 Comments off

TMT Predictions 2015: The future in Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Source: Deloitte

Technology – TMT Predictions 2015

  • The Internet of Things really is things, not people
  • Drones: high-profile and niche
  • 3D printing is a revolution: just not the revolution you think
  • Click and collect booms in Europe
  • Smartphone batteries: better but no breakthrough
  • Nanosats take off, but they don’t take over
  • The re-enterprization of IT

Media – TMT Predictions 2015

  • Short form video: a future, but not the future, of television
  • The ‘generation that won’t spend’ is spending a lot on media content
  • Print is alive and well–at least for books

Telecommunications – TMT Predictions 2015

  • One billion smartphone upgrades
  • The connectivity chasms deepen: the growing gap in broadband speeds
  • Contactless mobile payments (finally) gain momentum

Tricyclic Antidepressants Found in Pilots Fatally Injured in Civil Aviation Accidents

January 21, 2015 Comments off

Tricyclic Antidepressants Found in Pilots Fatally Injured in Civil Aviation Accidents (PDF)
Source: Federal Aviation Administration

Since the 1950s, tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) have been used for treating depression. The prevalence of this group of antidepressants in the pilot population has not been explored. Therefore, the National Transportati on Safety Board (NTSB) aviation accident and the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) toxicology and medical certification databases were searched for the necessary information related to pilots fatally injured in aviation accidents.

During 1990 – 2012, CAMI received biological samples of fatally injured pilots from 7,037 aviation accidents for toxicological evaluation. Of these, 2,644 cases (pilot fatalities) were positive for drugs. TCAs were present in 31 pilo t fatalities. Only TCAs were found in nine cases; in addition to TCAs, other substances were also present in the remaining 22 cases. Blood samples were available for TCA analysis in only 17 cases. TCA blood concentrations ranged from therapeutic to toxic l evels.

The NTSB determined that the use of drugs and ethanol as the probable cause or contributing factor in 35% (11 of 31) of the accidents, and six pilots had taken TCAs, as documented in their personal medical records and histories obtained by the NTSB . None of the 31 pilots reported the use of TCAs during their aviation medical examination, though 45% of them did report other drugs.

The present study disclosed that the prevalence of TCAs in aviators was less than 0.5% (31 of 7,037 cases). This study s uggests that aviators should fully disclose the use of medications at the time of their aviation medical examination for the improvement of aviation safety.

New From the GAO

January 21, 2015 Comments off

New From the GAO
Source: Government Accountability Office


1. Defense Headquarters: DOD Needs to Reassess Personnel Requirements for the Office of Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, and Military Service Secretariats. GAO-15-10, January 21.
Highlights –


1. Aviation Safety: Issues Related to Domestic Certification and Foreign Approval of U.S. Aviation Products, by Gerald L. Dillingham, Ph.D., director, physical infrastructure issues, before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. GAO-15-327T, January 21.
Highlights –

2. VA Construction: VA’s Actions to Address Cost Increases and Schedule Delays at Major Medical-Facility Projects, by David Wise, director, physical infrastructure team, before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. GAO-15-332T, January 21.
Highlights –


1. Polar Weather Satellites: NOAA Needs To Prepare for Near-term Data Gaps. GAO-15-47, December 16.
Highlights –
Podcast –

On January 16, 2015, this report was reissued to include the Highlights page that was inadvertently missing from the previously posted report.


How to Save Money Traveling To The Best Ski Resorts

January 13, 2015 Comments off

How to Save Money Traveling To The Best Ski Resorts
Source: Hopper Research


  • The Colorado ski destinations, served by Denver, are your best bet to save money on airfare for your ski trip, with good prices from a typical US destination around $300 round trip.
  • Average round trip flight prices to Utah (SLC), Stowe, VT (BTV), Taos (ABQ) or Squaw (RNO, SMF) are around $400.
  • In general, the best prices are found in late January to early February. Prices (and demand) spike in the mid-February school vacation week, and peak in mid-March, before falling gradually at the tail end of the season.
  • For best prices, book your ticket between one to two months ahead; prices typically begin to rise sharply from two to four weeks prior to departure.
  • Skiers in major metros have some cheap flight options such as Dallas to Denver for under $120, Chicago to Denver or New York to Vermont for about $150, and San Francisco to Salt Lake under $170.

New From the GAO

January 12, 2015 Comments off

New GAO Reports
Source: Government Accountability Office

1. Commercial Aviation: Raising Passenger Facility Charges Would Increase Airport Funding, but Other Effects Less Certain. GAO-15-107, December 11.
Highlights –

2. Federal Facility Cybersecurity: DHS and GSA Should Address Cyber Risk to Building and Access Control Systems. GAO-15-6, December 12.
Highlights –

3. Nutrition Assistance: Additional Guidance Could Assist States in Reducing Risk of Online Sale of Infant Formula. GAO-15-94, December 11.
Highlights –

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Unmanned Aircraft System Program Does Not Achieve Intended Results or Recognize All Costs of Operations

January 6, 2015 Comments off

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Unmanned Aircraft System Program Does Not Achieve Intended Results or Recognize All Costs of Operations
Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General
From press release (PDF):

After spending eight years and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has yet to prove the value of its Unmanned Aircraft System (drone) program while drastically understating the costs, according to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Inspector General (OIG). Based on its findings, OIG recommends that CBP abandon plans to spend $443 million more on additional aircraft and put those funds to better use.

New From the GAO

December 23, 2014 Comments off

New From the GAO
Source: Government Accountability Office


Higher Education: Education Should Strengthen Oversight of Schools and Accreditors. GAO-15-59, December 22.
Highlights –

Mobile Devices: Federal Agencies’ Steps to Improve Mobile Access to Government Information and Services. GAO-15-69, December 22.
Highlights –

401(K) Plans: Greater Protections Needed for Forced Transfers and Inactive Accounts. GAO-15-73, November 21.
Highlights –

Federal Subcontracting: Further Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of Pass-through Contracts. GAO-15-200, December 22.
Highlights –

Emergency Preparedness: Opportunities Exist to Strengthen Interagency Assessments and Accountability for Closing Capability Gaps. GAO-15-20, December 4.

Highlights –

Education and Workforce Data: Challenges in Matching Student and Worker Information Raise Concerns about Longitudinal Data Systems. GAO-15-27, November 19.

Highlights –

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: Action Is Needed to Better Promote Employment-Focused Approaches. GAO-15-31, November 19.

Highlights –

Airport Privatization: Limited Interest despite FAA’s Pilot Program. GAO-15-42, November 19.

Highlights –

Anthrax: Agency Approaches to Validation and Statistical Analyses Could Be Improved. GAO-15-80, December 19.

Highlights –

Ground Radar and Guided Munitions: Increased Oversight and Cooperation Can Help Avoid Duplication among the Services’ Programs. GAO-15-103, December 19.

Highlights –

Improper Payments: DOE’s Risk Assessments Should Be Strengthened. GAO-15-36, December 23.
Highlights –

Federal Food Service Operations: Implementation of the HHS/GSA Health and Sustainability Guidelines. GAO-15-262R, December 23.

Press Release

1. GAO Makes MACPAC Appointments. December 19.

Reissued Report

1. Dodd-Frank Regulations: Regulators’ Analytical and Coordination Efforts. GAO-15-81, December 18.

Highlights –


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