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When New Yorkers Move Out of New York City Where Do They Go?

July 24, 2014 Comments off

When New Yorkers Move Out of New York City Where Do They Go?
Source: New York City Independent Budget Office

Click on a state to see number and percent of households moving to that state.

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Information Exposed: Historical Examination of Data Breaches in New York State

July 21, 2014 Comments off

Information Exposed: Historical Examination of Data Breaches in New York State (PDF)
Source: New York State Attorney General
From press release:

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today issued a new report examining the growing number, complexity, and costs of data breaches in the New York State. Using information provided to the Attorney General’s Office pursuant to the New York State Information Security Breach & Notification Act, the report, titled “Information Exposed: Historical Examination of Data Security in New York State, analyzes eight years of security breach data and how it has impacted New Yorkers.

The report reveals that the number of reported data security breaches in New York more than tripled between 2006 and 2013. In that same period, 22.8 million personal records of New Yorkers have been exposed in nearly 5,000 data breaches, which have cost the public and private sectors in New York upward of $1.37 billion in 2013. In addition, the report also found that hacking intrusions – in which third parties gain unauthorized access to data stored on a computer system – were the leading cause of data security breaches, accounting for roughly 40 percent of all breaches. Attorney General Schneiderman’s report also presents new recommendations on steps that both organizations and consumers can take to protect themselves from data loss.

Florida’s Economic Future & the Impact of Aging

April 11, 2014 Comments off

Florida’s Economic Future & the Impact of Aging (PDF)
Source: Florida Legislature Office of Economic and Demographic Research
From Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (The Graying of the Sunshine State’s Labor Force):

Business contacts throughout the region have expressed, through the Atlanta Fed’s Regional Economic Information Network (REIN), a growing concern with an aging population and a shortage of qualified and interested younger candidates to fill positions vacated by retirees. A recent presentation spotlighted this trend in Florida. The report “Florida’s Economic Future & the Impact of Aging” by Florida’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) notes that “population growth is the state’s primary engine of economic growth, fueling both employment and income growth.” The presentation reports two main concerns for the state: one is an aging population and a shrinking pool of workers, and the other is a growing need for services, natural resources, and infrastructure as the state’s overall population increases.

Florida’s population has grown from 15.9 million in 2000 to 18.8 million in 2010, a nearly 18 percent increase, and it is forecast to grow to 23.6 million by 2030. The population growth adds concerns for not only current older Floridians but also for future older residents, who will help further the demographic trend of an aging population and a labor force whose growth is slowing.

Cybersecurity in the Golden State: How California Businesses Can Protect Against and Respond to Malware, Data Breaches and Other Cyberincidents

March 24, 2014 Comments off

Cybersecurity in the Golden State: How California Businesses Can Protect Against and Respond to Malware, Data Breaches and Other Cyberincidents
Source: California Department of Justice
From press release:

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today issued recommendations to California businesses to help protect against and respond to the increasing threat of malware, data breaches and other cyber risks.

The guide, Cybersecurity in the Golden State, provides recommendations focused on small to mid-sized businesses, which are particularly vulnerable to cybercrime and often lack the resources to hire cybersecurity personnel. In 2012, 50% of all cyber attacks were aimed at businesses with fewer than 2,500 employees and 31% were aimed at those with less than 250 employees.

GA Gov. Deal: Report will play a key role in future winter storm response

March 6, 2014 Comments off

Deal: Report will play a key role in future winter storm response
Source: Georgia Office of the Governor

Gov. Nathan Deal today received the internal review and action plan he ordered from state agency heads involved in emergency response during the winter storm of Jan. 26-30.

“Our state experienced two severe winter storms in two weeks, events that tested the resilience and preparedness of all Georgians,” Deal said. “Following the first storm, I implemented immediate action items as well as initiated an internal review by state agency heads. The action items paid off. Our state for the second storm was more informed and prepared through the cellphones alerts, emails to school superintendents and consultations with local meteorologists. The safety of our citizens is of the utmost importance, and this report will play a key role in shaping the way our state government agencies prepare for and prevent dangerous winter weather situations.”

State agency heads from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation met to examine the events of the winter storm, which was found to be an extremely unusual circumstance based on data from the National Weather Service.

The report includes short- and long-term solutions, some of which have already been successfully implemented.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports

December 27, 2013 Comments off

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports
Source: Connecticut State Police

The reports below document the many stages of the investigation of the December 14, 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Administratively, the investigation consists of three separate case numbers. CFS 1200704559 is the primary investigation, CFS 1200704597 is the processing of the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and CFS 1200705354 is the investigation of the homicide at 36 Yogananda St. in Newtown.

As laid out in the Table of Contents, each investigation includes numerous written reports, with each case number available for separate download. Additionally, each investigation also includes various forms of multimedia including photographs, video recordings and/or audio recordings. These attachments to the reports are available for download under the case number of the investigation to which it pertains, and further divided by the document number of the corresponding report or other description.

Please note that many of the linked files are very large. These files will take a considerable amount of time to download, and may impose a heavy burden on the hosting system. We encourage you, especially with respect to the larger video files, to download and view the smaller files first to confirm your interest in obtaining the larger files.

State Initiatives to Address Aging Prisoners

December 12, 2013 Comments off

State Initiatives to Address Aging Prisoners (PDF)
Source: Office of Legislative Research, Connecticut General Assembly

This report provides examples of initiatives to cope with the aging prisoner population in California, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. Other states have similar initiatives.

Danbury State’s Attorney Releases Report on Sandy Hook Investigation

November 26, 2013 Comments off

Danbury State’s Attorney Releases Report on Sandy Hook Investigation
Source: State of Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice

Stephen J. Sedensky III, State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury, today released his report on the investigation into the December 14, 2012, shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and a private residence in Newtown.

The report concludes that the 20-year-old Adam Lanza acted alone when he fatally shot his mother at their home in Newtown and then went to the elementary school where he fatally shot 20 first-grade pupils and six adults and wounded two other adults.

Making Safer Streets

November 26, 2013 Comments off

Making Safer Streets (PDF)
Source: New York City Department of Transportation

Making streets safer requires more than the traditional “3 Es” of engineering, education, and enforcement. It also requires working closely with local communities to collaboratively plan changes in how streets are designed and operated. And it requires learning from our successes to identify and implement the most effective approaches to street design.

This report focuses on how smart and innovative street design can dramatically improve the safety of our streets. The results reported here are based on “before and after” comparisons of crash data for projects implemented in the last seven years. This analysis is the largest examination of the safety effects of innovative roadway engineering conducted in a major American city, or perhaps any city globally.

A Report on Arrests Arising from the New York City Police Department’s Stop-and-Frisk Practices

November 19, 2013 Comments off

A Report on Arrests Arising from the New York City Police Department’s Stop-and-Frisk Practices (PDF)
Source: New York State Office of the Attorney General
From press release:

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman released a report today analyzing the New York Police Department’s stop and frisk program by studying and tracking the arrests that result from stops — the first such analysis of what happens to individuals and institutions following these arrests. While the constitutionality of the stop and frisk program has been the subject of litigation and significant debate, its efficacy has been less closely scrutinized; the Attorney General’s new report helps to fill that gap.

In analyzing close to 150,000 arrests that resulted from approximately 2.4 million stops between 2009 and 2012, the report concludes that roughly half of those arrests, or just three percent of stops, led to guilty pleas or convictions at trial. In addition, just 0.3 percent of stops led to jail sentences of more than 30 days, and 0.1 percent led to convictions for a violent crime. The report also finds widespread consequences for arrestees and criminal justice institutions, including litigation costs incurred by the city, and various harms even to individuals arrested for misdemeanors.

Today’s report is the second to be released by the Office of the Attorney General — the first, released in 1999, found that blacks and Hispanics were stopped and frisked at a disproportionate rate, even when controlling for demographics and crime rates.

Yarnell Hill Accident Investigation Report (AZ firefighter deaths)

September 30, 2013 Comments off

State Forester Releases Yarnell Hill Accident Investigation Report
Source: Arizona State Forestry Division

The Arizona State Forester today released the Yarnell Hill Fire Serious Accident Investigation Report, which analyzes the circumstances leading to the June 30 entrapment and deaths of 19 firefighters of the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew. The report and accompanying documents are available at

The State of Arizona convened an accident investigation team July 3 to review the conditions and events leading to the tragedy. The investigation team visited the site of the accident, reviewed audio and video files, interviewed individuals associated with the incident, reviewed fire weather and behavior data, and examined available records and physical evidence. The resulting report contains the most complete information available about the accident.

The 116-page report includes a fact-based narrative of the incident and offers the investigation team’s analysis, conclusions and recommendations. It also includes a discussion section that is meant to facilitate understanding and learning by exploring various perspectives and issues that arose during the investigation.

Evidence-Based Treatments for Childhood Trauma

January 25, 2013 Comments off

Evidence-Based Treatments for Childhood Trauma (PDF)

Source: Virginia Department of Social Services

Trauma-based treatments are designed to serve many children who are impacted by a wide variety of traumatic experiences. Children who are victims in motor vehicle accidents, who have experienced war, who have lived with domestic violence, who have experienced the loss of a parent to illness or to an accident, and those who have been maltreated all might benefit from interventions designed to alleviate symptoms of traumatic stress.

Children in the foster care system have often experienced deprivation or trauma such as child maltreatment that led to their placement in care. Child trauma victims of sudden parental loss, natural disasters, refugee children, or children who are immigrating to the United States with their families from war-torn countries may be living with their families of origin and may or may not be served by child welfare systems. The trauma interventions described in this article can be appropriate for both children in foster care and children living with their families.

Depression in Teens Who Were Adopted: What Families Need to Know

April 22, 2012 Comments off

Depression in Teens Who Were Adopted: What Families Need to Know (PDF)
Source: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Parenting teenagers can often trigger your own memories of growing up and the roller coaster ride of emotions, drama, unpredictability, and the need to fit in. You may be realizing that being a teenager today is more complicated than ever due to the steady stream of social media in all its various forms.

Now as the parent of a teen who was adopted, your role has become even more challenging as you need to keep in mind the extra layers of teen emotions and identity issues that come with being adopted.

You may be wondering what is considered typical teenage behavior and what requires more immediate attention. This tipsheet focuses on whether your teen may be going through a temporary phase, or instead, may be suffering from teen depression.

Public Review Draft of the National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy

January 25, 2012 Comments off

Public Review Draft of the National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy
Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/New York Division of Fish, Wildlife, & Marine Resources

The National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy is an integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive response to the threats of climate change. This multi-partner effort will outline a unified approach to maintaining the key terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems needed to sustain fish, wildlife and plant resources and the services they provide in the face of accelerating climate change.

In short—it is a blueprint for common action. The Strategy will serve as a valuable tool for federal and state agencies, wildlife managers, tribes, and private landowners as they continue to manage their lands and natural resources in a changing environment.

+ Strategy Fact Sheet (PDF)

Release Of Final Study By Charles River Associates On “The Economic Impacts On New York City Of The Proposed Living Wage Mandate”

October 12, 2011 Comments off

Release Of Final Study By Charles River Associates On “The Economic Impacts On New York City Of The Proposed Living Wage Mandate”
Source: New York City Economic Development Corporation

The Charles River Associates study was procured by the Industrial Development Agency. It looks at both the labor market and real estate market effects of living wage mandates historically in other US cities, and projected effects of such mandates if adopted in New York City.

+ Full Report (PDF)

Independent Peer Review of the California High-Speed Rail Ridership and Revenue Forecasting Process

August 4, 2011 Comments off

Independent Peer Review of the California High-Speed Rail Ridership and Revenue Forecasting Process (PDF)
Source: California High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA)

The California High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) convened an independent peer review of the ridership and revenue forecasting process and outcomes. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Panel is charged with providing a comprehensive in-depth review of the models used to estimate ridership and revenue and the forecasts derived from them. The Panel held its first meeting at the Authority offices in Sacramento on Monday and Tuesday, January 10-11, 2011. This report summarizes the key issues, findings, and recommendations of the Panel.

Overall the Panel was impressed with many aspects of the work on ridership and revenue forecasting completed to date on the project. The approach undertaken by CS was ambitious, it represented a significant improvement in practice in several respects (for example, through the development and linkage of a complex set of advanced models), and it demonstrated commendable openness. However, there are important technical deficiencies in the model and the documentation thereof. The purpose of this report is to provide a critical review of the models and associated forecasts, focusing on those aspects that are questionable or deserving of more work.

IMF Chief Arraigned for Attempted Rape (with document)

May 16, 2011 Comments off

IMF Chief Arraigned for Attempted Rape
Source: New York Criminal Court (via Courthouse News)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund and reputed frontrunner in the French presidential elections, was arraigned in New York Criminal Court on Monday morning for allegedly attempting to rape a maid at the Sofitel Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
According to the criminal complaint, the maid opened the door to Strauss-Kahn’s room while he was naked, and the IMF leader closed the door to prevent her from leaving. He then allegedly grabbed her chest, tried to pull down her pantyhose and twice forced his penis into her mouth to try to initiate oral sex.
“Mr. Strauss-Kahn will plead not guilty,” his attorneys William W. Taylor III and Benjamin Branfman wrote in a terse statement. “He denies all the charges.”

+ Full Document (PDF)


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