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Speed (PDF)

Source: University of Toronto

We investigate the determinants of driving speed in large us cities. We first estimate city level supply functions for travel in an econometric framework where both the supply and demand for travel are explicit. These estimations allow us to calculate a city level index of driving speed and to rank cities by driving speed. Our investigation of the determinants of speed provide the foundations for a welfare analysis. This analysis suggests that large gains in speed may be possible if slow cities can emulate fast cities and that the deadweight losses from congestion are sizeable.

See: A Need for Speed: Why Building More Roads Won’t Conquer Gridlock (Knowledge@Wharton)

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CA — Middle Income Access to Civil Justice Initiative: Background Paper

March 21, 2011 Comments off

Middle Income Access to Civil Justice Initiative: Background Paper (PDF)
Source: University of Toronto Faculty of Law

The purpose of this background paper is to provide a general overview of the issue of access to the civil justice system by middle-income earners. Broadly speaking, our goal is to identify the most acute, unmet civil legal needs in the province for middle-income Ontarians across different key areas of law, and to explore a range of existing and possible solutions to these problems. Our current efforts are focusing on the problem as it exists in Ontario, but many of the themes and issues we raise apply to the rest of the country, and indeed to many other developed countries. The paper will be used as a starting point for broader policy discussions and ideas.

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