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State of the States 2013 — Connecting the Dots: Using Evaluations of Teacher Effectiveness to Inform Policy and Practice

November 4, 2013 Comments off

State of the States 2013 — Connecting the Dots: Using Evaluations of Teacher Effectiveness to Inform Policy and Practice
Source: National Council on Teacher Quality

This report provides a detailed and up-to-date lay of the land on teacher evaluation policies across the 50 states and DCPS. It also offers a more in-depth look at the states with the most ambitious teacher evaluation systems, including their efforts to connect teacher evaluation to other policy areas. In addition, it includes some advice and lessons learned from states’ early experiences on the road to improving teacher evaluation systems.

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Teacher Prep Review 2013 Report

July 12, 2013 Comments off

Teacher Prep Review 2013 Report
Source: National Council on Teacher Quality

The first edition of the NCTQ Teacher Prep Review is an unprecedented evaluation of more than 1,100 colleges and universities that prepare elementary and secondary teachers. As a consumer tool, it allows aspiring teachers, parents and school districts to compare programs and determine which are doing the best — and worst — job of training new teachers.

2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook: Improving Teacher Preparation

March 1, 2013 Comments off

2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook: Improving Teacher Preparation
Source: National Council on Teacher Quality
From executive summary (PDF)

There is a tremendous focus across the states these days on building a better teacher workforce. The National Council on Teacher Quality’s 2011 State Teacher Policy Yearbook chronicled the great progress states are making on adopting new teacher evaluation systems that factor student performance and classroom effectiveness into decisions about compensation, professional development, tenure and dismissal – all in the name of teacher effectiveness.

One of the strange ironies of education reformers’ attention to teacher effectiveness, however, has been the relative lack of attention to how teacher candidates are prepared to be effective in the job in the first place.

In this 2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook, NCTQ explores the question: What are states doing to ensure that they are systematically preparing classroom-ready new teachers?

Student Teaching across the Nation

July 22, 2011 Comments off

Student Teaching across the Nation
Source: National Council on Teacher Quality

Student teaching serves as a capstone experience for nearly 200,000 teacher candidates each year. In an effort to understand how to get student teaching “right,” NCTQ embarked on an ambitious effort to measure student teaching programs nationwide, assessing the degree to which they have the right pieces in place necessary for delivering a high quality program.

The result, Student Teaching in the United States, examines policies and practices at 134 universities and colleges to answer questions like… “Who is mentoring our future teachers?” “Do student teachers receive the feedback they need to improve?” “Does the experience sufficiently replicate the experience of being a teacher?”

In addition to providing a national snapshot of student teaching today and overall ratings of each of the 134 institutions, the report includes specific examples of exemplary student teaching practices and recommendations on how all programs can improve. A supplement to the study, “Key Ingredients for Strong Student Teaching” compiles documents that, together, form a model for a successful student teaching program.

The executive summaryfull report, and appendices can be downloaded here.


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