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A Public Official’s Guide to Financial Literacy

August 25, 2014 Comments off

A Public Official’s Guide to Financial Literacy

Many individuals enter government service to effect change, but you can’t accomplish much if you don’t speak the language of public finance. The goal of this guide is to help state and local leaders become financially literate and answer questions like: “How does my jurisdiction get and spend its money?” and “Are we in sound financial shape?” The guide provides technical knowledge, essential questions and examples of what not to do to give leaders a core understanding of key public finance concepts.

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2014 Retail Credit Card Survey data

August 19, 2014 Comments off

2014 Retail Credit Card Survey data

Higher APRs, more use-anywhere cards and fancier, tiered rewards are now prominent features of retail store credit card programs, according to the 2014 Retail Credit Card Survey.

The chart below provides details of the 61 retail credit cards issued by the 36 largest retailers in the U.S. that offer cards. Both the retailers’ store-only cards and their general use (co-branded) cards are included.

Nielsen Study: Significant Overlap Between People Tweeting About TV and Brands

August 10, 2014 Comments off

Nielsen Study: Significant Overlap Between People Tweeting About TV and Brands
Source: Lost Remote/Nielsen

A recently Nielsen study measures the overlap between people who tweet about TV and people who tweet about brands that advertise on TV.

According to the report, 17 million people sent 361 million tweets about TV through April. In the same time period, “17 million people sent 215 million tweets about the approximately 700 brands that Nielsen Social captures.” The purpose of measuring the overlap was to better understand the value of social TV audiences to brands.

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Princeton Review — The Best 379 Colleges: 2015 Edition

August 8, 2014 Comments off

The Best 379 Colleges: 2015 Edition
Source: Princeton Review
From press release:

According to a Princeton Review survey that asked 130,000 students at 379 top colleges to rate their schools on dozens of topics and report on their campus experiences, the college at which students reported the highest satisfaction with their financial aid awards was Pomona College (CA).

Northeastern University (MA) earned the #1 spot on the list, “Best Career Services” (a ranking category the Princeton Review created at the urging of a college parent in 2007). The college ranked tops for “Best Science Facilities” – and for the 2nd consecutive year – was California Institute of Technology: its students gave their lab facilities the strongest ratings in the survey. The school at which students gave their professors the highest marks as teachers was Reed College (OR).

Lists of the top 20 colleges in these and 58 other categories will post today at The lists are also published in the new edition of Princeton Review’s annual college guide, “The Best 379 Colleges” (Random House / Princeton Review Books, 2015 Edition, $23.99) on sale tomorrow, August 5.

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The Best States to Be Female

August 7, 2014 Comments off

The Best States to Be Female (PDF)
Source: The Connecticut Economy

Economic prospects for women are brightest in the Northeast and along the West Coast, and dimmest in the South-Central region of the country in states that straddle the Mississippi River.

At nearly three standard deviations above the mean, Connecticut ranks third among states, after first-place Vermont and runner-up New York. Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi occupy the 47th through 50th index slots, respectively.

When Doctors Don’t Listen: Sample Worksheet Towards Your Diagnosis Before You Go to the Doctor

July 25, 2014 Comments off

Sample Worksheet Towards Your Diagnosis Before You Go to the Doctor (PDF)
Source: When Doctors Don’t Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary Tests (book, by Dr. Leana Wen and Dr. Josh Kosowsky)

General Tips

  • Use your own words, as if you are speaking to a family member
  • Being your own advocate will save your life.
  • Speak up! Interrupt if you do not feel like you are not being heard.

Risk, Information, and Incentives in Online Affiliate Marketing

July 9, 2014 Comments off

Risk, Information, and Incentives in Online Affiliate Marketing
Source: Harvard Business Review

We examine online affiliate marketing programs in which merchants oversee thousands of affiliates they have never met. Some merchants hire outside specialists to set and enforce policies for affiliates, while other merchants ask their ordinary marketing staff to perform these functions. For clear violations of applicable rules, we nd that outside specialists are most effective at excluding the responsible affiliates, which we interpret as a benefit of specialization. However, in-house staff are more successful at identifying and excluding affiliates whose practices are viewed as “borderline” (albeit still contrary to merchants’ interests), foregoing the efficiencies of specialization in favor of the better incentives of a company’s staff. We consider the implications for marketing of online affiliate programs and for online marketing more generally.


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