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A Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses Holding Back America’s Brightest Students

April 27, 2015 Comments off

A Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses Holding Back America’s Brightest Students
Source: Acceleration Institute

A Nation Empowered provides an update to the watershed work initiated by A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America’s Brightest Students.

A Nation Deceived informed us of research-based practices for challenging academically talented youth. A Nation Empowered tells the story of how well we have applied what we have learned.

The purpose of A Nation Empowered is to inform educators, parents, and policy makers of current research on acceleration, how that information has been applied to educational policy throughout the nation, and how educators can use the findings to make decisions for their brightest students.

American Society of Magazine Editors Guidelines for Editors and Publishers

April 25, 2015 Comments off

ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers
Source: American Society of Magazine Editors

The true value of a print or digital magazine brand lies in its relationship with its readers. The unique relationship between magazine media and media consumers is founded on the reader’s trust in the magazine’s editorial integrity and independence.

The purpose of the ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers is to sustain that trust by articulating basic principles for the conduct of magazine journalists. The guidelines also summarize industry practices, drawn from those principles, concerning editorial content and advertising and include information about federal regulations relevant to magazine media.

In a rapidly changing media marketplace, no one set of guidelines can answer every question. The ASME Guidelines address only the critical challenges encountered by print and digital journalists working in today’s advertising-supported media. The basic principles that inform the guidelines, especially transparency, are also applicable to other forms of magazine media, including conferences and events.

SEC Staff and FINRA Issue Report on National Senior Investor Initiative

April 17, 2015 Comments off

SEC Staff and FINRA Issue Report on National Senior Investor Initiative
Source: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

With the Social Security Administration estimating that each day for the next 15 years, an average of 10,000 Americans will turn 65, the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) today issued a report to help broker-dealers assess, craft, or refine their policies and procedures for investors as they prepare for and enter into retirement.

The National Senior Investor Initiative report includes observations and practices identified in examinations that focused on how firms conduct business with senior investors. The examinations by the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) and FINRA focused on the types of securities purchased by senior investors, the suitability of recommended investments, training of brokerage firm representatives, marketing, communications, use of designations such as “senior specialist,” account documentation, disclosures, customer complaints, and supervision.

Anita Borg Institute Reveals Top Companies for Women Technologists 2015

April 13, 2015 Comments off

Anita Borg Institute Reveals Top Companies for Women Technologists 2015
Source: Anita Borg Institute

Anita Borg Institute (ABI), a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of women in computing, announced today the Top Companies for Women Technologists Leadership Index. In its fifth year, the Top Companies initiative is a national program designed to recognize companies where women technologists can thrive.

The Leadership Index is the definitive standard that identifies companies that are leaders in enabling and growing women in technical roles. ABI’s Top Companies program uses quantitative data supplied by participating companies and a widely accepted statistical methodology to score participants on the representation of women at all levels and year-over-year trends in recruitment and promotion of women within the U.S. technical workforce of the participating companies.

For this year’s Top Companies Leadership Index, the Anita Borg Institute evaluated 35 technology companies with a total technical workforce of over 435,000. BNY Mellon is the 2015 winner of ABI’s Top Companies for Women Technologists with the highest cumulative score. The 2015 winner will be recognized at the 2015 Anita Borg Women of Vision Awards banquet on May 14, 2015, in Santa Clara, Calif.

Changing course on boardroom composition

April 9, 2015 Comments off

Changing course on boardroom composition
Source: Deloitte

Transforming the board to embrace diversity of experience, thought, voice, and generation may require significant effort for many organizations. However, companies that undertake the process today, may realize the value of more dynamic boardroom discussions, a clearer understanding of the changes underway in their business environments, and of how to plan and capitalize on them to create shareholder value.

Review of the Use of Confidentiality Agreements by Department of State Contractors

April 9, 2015 Comments off

Review of the Use of Confidentiality Agreements by Department of State Contractors (PDF)
Source: U.S. Department of State, Office of Inspector General

All of the 30 contractors with the largest dollar volume of Department of State contracts used some variation of a confidentiality agreement or confidentiality policy. Some of the contractors had policies or agreements that might have some chilling effect on employees who are considering whether to report fraud, waste, or abuse to the government, such as nondisparagement clauses or provisions requiring notice to the company after receiving an inquiry from a government official. However, none of the companies reported that they had ever enforced any of these provisions against an employee or former employee who disclosed wrongdoing to the government. All 30 contractors also reported that they had a policy in place that encourages the reporting of fraud or legal and ethical violations and provides one or more ways for employees to do so.

From its review of the contractor responses and relevant legal and social science literature, OIG found that several practices are useful in encouraging employees to report fraud, waste, or abuse. These include use of an internal hotline with anonymous option; display of hotline posters in the workplace; a policy that advises employees of their right to contact the government directly if they have knowledge of fraud, waste, or abuse; notification to employees of the statutory protections against retaliation; and a corporate policy that endorses cooperation with a government audit or investigation.

Securing Livelihoods for All

April 3, 2015 Comments off

Securing Livelihoods for All
Source: OECD

The world has made good progress in improving global livelihoods. More than two billion people have emerged from extreme poverty over the last four decades. Other notable improvements include real increases in wages for unskilled workers, better life expectancy, greater gender equality and more widespread literacy. However, a number of daunting challenges threaten to undo this progress, particularly on the demographic and environmental fronts. While outlining the status of livelihoods today, this fascinating report enumerates the main emerging trends which will have a significant impact on livelihoods in the near future. It looks at a whole range of issues: economy, technology, demography, environment, security and governance. This book presents five possible future scenarios for livelihoods, whose positive or negative outcomes depend on how several emerging challenges are dealt with. It concludes with ideas for global, national and local action that hold significant promise for securing resilient livelihoods for all.


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