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Bikes on Trains Campaign Gaining Traction

October 18, 2013 Comments off

Bikes on Trains Campaign Gaining Traction
Source: League of American Bicyclists

Campaigns to get bicycles on commuter trains are cropping up across the country.

We’ve seen recent success in the Bay Area, and there’s been a national push to get Amtrak on board with increased bicycle services.

This week, we’re seeing more positive movement in Chicago, where the South Shore Line rail is planning to announce a bike program by next spring, according to the Chicago Tribune. Last week, a number of local groups, including the Active Transportation Alliance, sent a letter to the rail line operator’s board, requesting bikes be allowed on the trains beginning next summer, with a pilot program phase in spring.

“We’re talking about allowing bikes on their trains, not landing them on the moon, and we hope they will have a final policy allowing bikes in time for peak riding season next summer,” Max Muller, director of government relations and advocacy at the Active Transportation Alliance, told the Tribune.

The League did some research into the issue to help Active Trans make the case in Chicago. We looked into all of the major commuter rail lines across the country, and examined their policies regarding bicycles on board.

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The New Majority; Pedaling Towards Equity

June 6, 2013 Comments off

The New Majority; Pedaling Towards Equity

Source: Sierra Club/League of American Bicyclists

From blog post:

Last week, in partnership with the Sierra Club, the League released “The New Majority: Pedaling Toward Equity.” A conversation-starter, rather than a comprehensive analysis, the mini-report highlighted the tremendous growth in bicycling among youth, women and people of color — and showcased the stories of just a small handful of grassroots organizations that are mobilizing diverse communities and elevating new leaders.

But, while the report provided evidence that we’ve begun pedaling toward equity… we’re not nearly there yet.

“For too long,” we emphasize, “many diverse populations have been overlooked by traditional organizations and transportation planners. In too many instances, people of color have been largely left out of transportation decision-making processes that have dramatically impacted their neighborhoods. Rising up in response to this disenfranchisement, new leaders are rallying against stark disparities in bicycling facilities — and safe streets. These organizations aren’t just engaging new communities in traditional campaigns, but opening new avenues of conversation — shifting the focus from bicycling itself to how bikes address the core everyday issues faced in their unique communities.”

First Ever Bicycle Friendly Universities Announced – and 2011 BFBs too

April 9, 2011 Comments off

First Ever Bicycle Friendly Universities Announced – and 2011 BFBs too (PDF)
Source: League of American Bicyclists

The first‐ever Bicycle Friendly University designations were announced today at the National Bike Summit. Among the 32 universities that applied, 20 are receiving designations, with Stanford University earning the only platinum‐level award. The program recognizes colleges and universities that create exceptional environments where bicycling can thrive and provides a roadmap and technical assistance to create great campuses for bicycling.

This first class of BFUs shows the wide variety of ways to promoting bicycling on campus from great bicycling facilities like tose at UC-Davis and safe, convenient bike parking at the University of Minnesota, to incentive programs for students and staff to ride at Emory University.  Stanford University stands out for their breadth of programs, including: a great cycling network, education programs like the Bike Safety Dorm Challenge, and bicycling incentive programs that resulted in an extraordinary number of people biking for transportation and recreation. Currently, 21.7 percent of people at Stanford commute by bike.

Also, 55 new Bicycle Friendly Businesses from restaurants to law firms will be receiving awards at this year’s summit. USAA, which is receiving the silver‐level designation, has experienced how bicycling can transform a workplace and surrounding community.


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