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Preparing for the inevitable: The path to physician success in a value-based world

March 23, 2015 Comments off

Preparing for the inevitable: The path to physician success in a value-based world
Source: Deloitte

The evolution of the U.S. health care system from volume- to value-based care (VBC) is under way, spurred by unsustainable costs, a push for improved outcomes, and the desire for more value for money spent. While this evolution impacts all health care stakeholders, VBC cannot work without the participation of physicians.

How are physicians faring in the inevitable shift to a value-based world? What resources, capabilities, and skills do they think could help put them on a path to success in VBC?

The Deloitte 2014 Survey of U.S. Physicians examines physicians’ current and expected levels of VBC engagement and what physicians feel they need to be more confident about their participation.

2015 Annual Wealth Guide: What you need for long-term tax and wealth planning

March 12, 2015 Comments off

2015 Annual Wealth Guide: What you need for long-term tax and wealth planning
Source: Deloitte

What you’ll find in this year’s guide

What you need to know to make decisions for the future.

The Annual Wealth Guide addresses today’s environment to help you make decisions for your long-term tax and wealth planning needs in this more stable landscape. The new guide discusses:

  • The current environment – the current status of debates in Congress, tax reform proposals, and a look ahead at 2015
  • Income tax: Focusing on the details– analyzing income and deduction recognition; and considerations for implementing a long-term commitment to thoughtful tax planning specific to your situation
  • Wealth transfer tax: Thinking ahead with some predictability – addressing planning now that we have more certainty of the wealth transfer landscape and exclusions

Audit Committee Resource Guide – February 2015

March 4, 2015 Comments off

Audit Committee Resource Guide – February 2015 (PDF)
Source: Deloitte

Deloitte’s Audit Committee Resource Guide helps audit committee members and management better understand the requirements, roles, and responsibilities of the audit committee. Supporting tools, including a sample charter and planning tool for an audit committee’s calendar of activities, are also available.

In pursuit of innovation: A CEO checklist

February 18, 2015 Comments off

In pursuit of innovation: A CEO checklist
Source: Deloitte

Many of today’s health care organizations are exploring new innovation strategies to create value and sustain competitive advantage. CEOs – together with their boards of directors and clinical leadership – should consider if they are prepared to maximize the impact of their innovation investments.

What do successfully innovative organizations have in common? Deloitte found that 92 percent of innovative organizations have instituted a system of innovation built around four key components that serve as the foundation of “A CEO checklist” – a toolkit for leaders to determine if their organization’s approach to innovation measures up to that of demonstrably successful innovators:

  • Approach – An organization’s method for establishing clear definitions for the work to be done in creating innovations. Levers include innovation strategy, pipeline & portfolio management, and process.
  • Organization – The units that house innovation competency and the connections among those charged with driving innovation within the broader enterprise and the world. The three levers for organization are senior leadership, governance, and collaboration.
  • Resources & competencies – The individuals who perform the work; the skills, tools, and training they need to perform that work capably; and the funding and time to fuel the work. Levers include funding, talent management, and innovation tools.
  • Metrics & incentives – The targets to guide performance, the measures to evaluate progress, and the incentives (monetary and otherwise) to drive supporting behaviors. The three levers are financial & nonfinancial rewards, innovation metrics, and external attraction.

This checklist describes each component, with short examples and case studies from across health care.

Rising consumerism: Winning the hearts and minds of health care consumers

February 5, 2015 Comments off

Rising consumerism: Winning the hearts and minds of health care consumers
Source: Deloitte

The intersection between rising consumerism and a growing retail orientation in the health care sector presents challenges, some unprecedented, for existing players. Explore three shifts that health industry players should respond to, and that can set the scene for greater consumer involvement.

Through the eyes of the board: Key governance issues for 2015

February 4, 2015 Comments off

Through the eyes of the board: Key governance issues for 2015
Source: Deloitte

Stakeholders will be watching closely to see how well organizations seize the opportunities and mitigate the risks of an ever-changing regulatory environment, further emphasizing the critical role of the board.

This edition of the Directors’ Alert, “Through the eyes of the board: Key governance issues for 2015,” highlights key challenges and explores potential responses that can be taken to address them:

  1. Activism: Conversations, not confrontations
  2. Board composition: Diversity and the measure of boardroom effectiveness
  3. Corporate reporting: Sharpening the signal to noise
  4. Regulatory: From catch up to cultural change
  5. Reputation: Protecting a highly valuable yet very fragile asset
  6. Strategy: Is it dead, or even more important than ever?
  7. Subsidiary governance: Balancing roles and responsibilities between parents and subsidiaries
  8. Sustainability: Understanding the real indicators that create value
  9. Technology: Digital disruption and what creates value for the organization
  10. Organizational Talent: Time to bring human resources into the 21st century

Each topic was developed with input from Deloitte’s specialists around the world. The discussion includes questions directors may wish to ask management to further explore the issues within their own organizations. We also interviewed three independent board directors on their perspectives on corporate governance challenges in 2015.

TMT Predictions 2015: The future in Technology, Media & Telecommunications

January 28, 2015 Comments off

TMT Predictions 2015: The future in Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Source: Deloitte

Technology – TMT Predictions 2015

  • The Internet of Things really is things, not people
  • Drones: high-profile and niche
  • 3D printing is a revolution: just not the revolution you think
  • Click and collect booms in Europe
  • Smartphone batteries: better but no breakthrough
  • Nanosats take off, but they don’t take over
  • The re-enterprization of IT

Media – TMT Predictions 2015

  • Short form video: a future, but not the future, of television
  • The ‘generation that won’t spend’ is spending a lot on media content
  • Print is alive and well–at least for books

Telecommunications – TMT Predictions 2015

  • One billion smartphone upgrades
  • The connectivity chasms deepen: the growing gap in broadband speeds
  • Contactless mobile payments (finally) gain momentum

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