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CA — The Health Effects of Conducted Energy Weapons

October 16, 2013 Comments off

The Health Effects of Conducted Energy Weapons
Source: Council of Canadian Academies

The use of conducted energy weapons (CEWs) by law enforcement agencies around the world has grown rapidly in recent years. CEWs are devices that use electrical energy to induce pain or to immobilize or incapacitate a person. The health effects of CEWs are one of several factors that police and correctional agencies, policy-makers, and front-line personnel must take into account when deciding whether such devices should be used in the field.

To better understand the health-related effects of CEWs, Defence Research and Development Canada requested an independent, evidence-based assessment of the state of scientific knowledge regarding the medical and physiological impacts of conducted energy weapons. The Council of Canadian Academies worked collaboratively with the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences on this science-based assessment.

The assessment was conducted by a 14-member expert panel and chaired by the Honourable Justice Stephen T. Goudge from the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

The panel’s final report details the following:

  • the history of CEW use in Canada;
  • statistics of CEW use and related injuries and deaths in Canada;
  • the design, operation and intended effects of CEWs;
  • physiological and health effects associated with CEWs;
  • the role of CEWs in sudden in-custody death; and
  • insights on the state of current evidence, research gaps and needs.
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The State of Industrial R&D in Canada

October 15, 2013 Comments off

The State of Industrial R&D in Canada
Source: Council of Canadian Academies

The Minister of Industry, on behalf of Industry Canada, asked the Council of Canadian Academies to assess industrial research and development (IR&D) in Canada.

To conduct this assessment the Council assembled a 14-member expert panel who met over the course of 14 months to consider the most relevant evidence possible.

The report, The State of Industrial R&D in Canada, provides an in-depth analysis of research and development activities in Canadian industries and is one of the most detailed and systematic studies of the state of IR&D ever undertaken in Canada.

While many reports have documented Canada’s historical weakness in industrial R&D, the Panel’s report sheds new light on the subject by examining areas of strength and how these strengths are distributed regionally. The report also examines the alignment of IR&D strengths with Canada’s areas of excellence in science and technology research and economic performance. Barriers and gaps that limit the translation of Canada’s S&T strengths into innovation and wealth creation are also identified.

Canada — There is no single solution to maximize the presence and potential of women in university research, concludes Expert Panel

December 13, 2012 Comments off

There is no single solution to maximize the presence and potential of women in university research, concludes Expert Panel

Source: Council of Canadian Academies

An in-depth, authoritative assessment of women in university research has found that although there has been significant progress in the representation of women in the university research ranks, there are still gender equity challenges that must be overcome and the passage of time will not be enough to ensure parity.

A newly released report by the Council of Canadian Academies entitled, Strengthening Canada’s Research Capacity: The Gender Dimension provides an assessment of the the factors that influence university research careers of women. This assessment was requested by the Minister of Industry in the fall of 2010 after the notable absence of female candidates for the prestigious Canada Excellence Research Chairs program.


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