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Journal of Communication — Special Issue — Big Data in Communication Research

June 25, 2014 Comments off

Big Data in Communication Research
Source: Journal of Communication
From Afterword:

I had two goals in mind when I decided to dedicate a special issue of the Journal of Communication to “Big Data.” One was to provide an outlet for the growing number of excellent Big Data studies on mass communication, digital technologies, political communication, health communication, and many other areas of interest to our discipline. My focus was on empirical papers that made substantive contributions using new methods, rather than on explanations, endorsements, or critiques of the Big Data movement. The goal was to showcase the state of the art in recent research in computational communication science.

My second goal was to provide a benchmark for research innovation. Big Data research is still in its infancy in communication. Relatively little of the work done in this early stage will stand the test of time, but all of it will likely be critical in the on going process of conceptual and methodological advance. The articles featured in this issue represent the best of what is currently being done. Their strengths will guide future work, but so, too, will their limitations.

Journal of Communication — Special Issue — Expanding the Boundaries of Entertainment Research

June 19, 2014 Comments off

Expanding the Boundaries of Entertainment Research
Source: Journal of Communication
From Introduction:

This Special Issue of the Journal of Communication grew out of an appreciation of the development and expansion of entertainment scholarship that has built upon the insights provided by foundational theories. We believed that the time was ripe to take stock of the diversity of ways that researchers are pushing the boundaries of media theory that illuminate the breadth of entertainment’s reach in almost all facets of our media-saturated lives. It was our hope that by gathering together some of the most recent and insightful scholarship, we could provide a road map for future scholars who are interested in our continued efforts to broaden our understanding of entertainment experiences.

Special Issue: Social Media and Political Change: Capacity, Constraint, and Consequence

April 11, 2012 Comments off

Special Issue: Social Media and Political Change: Capacity, Constraint, and Consequence (free full text of all articles)

Journal of Communication
This introductory essay highlights the key findings, methodological tool kit, and production process of this Special Issue. We argue that communication researchers are uniquely positioned to analyze the relationships between social media and political change in careful and nuanced ways, in terms of both causes and consequences. Finally, we offer a working definition of social media, based on the diverse and considered uses of the term by the contributors to the collection. Social media consists of (a) the information infrastructure and tools used to produce and distribute content that has individual value but reflects shared values; (b) the content that takes the digital form of personal messages, news, ideas, that becomes cultural products; and (c) the people, organizations, and industries that produce and consume both the tools and the content.