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Women at the Political Elite Level in the U.S.: A Multi-Factor Analysis of Limited Participation

February 4, 2013 Comments off

Women at the Political Elite Level in the U.S.: A Multi-Factor Analysis of Limited Participation (PDF)

Source: Journal of American Science

Although women’s achievements are considered to prove their desirable conditions in western societies, especially in the United States, women’s presence at political elite level is much lower than men in that country. Attention to the top elective offices in the United States reveals a deep gender disparity: In 112th congress (2011- 2013), among 435 representatives, there are only 17 women in Senate and 75 in the House. Considering the success of the “quota system” in European, Latin American, partly African and Asian countries, the author believes that using of this method in the United States in the short term, help the women to be more confident in their abilities and also, people feel the positive effect of their presence and vote them more. On the other hand, since according to the accomplished researches, women have more inclination for peace, their more presence in the congress, can be influential in interior and foreign policies, and hence, in international relations. This article surveys and analyzes the reasons, seeking to understand why in the United States, with an established democracy, women’s presence is lower than men at high political positions and descriptive-analytical method is used to examine factors leading to this lower presence. The factors are: political, economic, and social-cultural.