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New Publication – The Economics of Space Sustainability

July 1, 2012 Comments off

New Publication – The Economics of Space Sustainability
Source: Secure World Foundation

Economics plays an important role in space sustainability and is often a missing or misunderstood part of the discussion. SWF Technical Advisor Brian Weeden has published a new article in The Space Review that examines space sustainability, including space debris, from an economics perspective. Mr. Weeden discusses the difference between public, private, and common goods and the traditional perspective of space debris as pollution that can be dealt with through microeconomic incentive mechanisms such as taxes or cap-and-trade schemese. Mr. Weeden explains why these generalizations and conclusions are not likely to provide a useful solution of space debris, especially for space debris in low Earth orbit.

As an alternative, Mr. Weeden outlines the application of more recent developments in economics, including information and game theory, and their link to current intiatives such as the code of conduct and SSA Sharing. Finally, Mr. Weeden discuses ongoing SWF research into the application of sustainable governance of common-pool resources to space and what lessons it may have for the long-term sustainable use of space.

SWF Publishes new fact sheet on the International Code of Conduct for Space Activities

June 20, 2012 Comments off

SWF Publishes new fact sheet on the International Code of Conduct for Space Activities
Source: Secure World Foundation

SWF has published a new fact sheet on the draft International Code of Conduct for Space Activities (ICOC). The fact sheet describes goals of the original Code of Conduct as proposed by the European Union in 2008 and updated in 2010. The document discusses the various criticisms of the EU proposed Code of Conduct and the transition to the process of developing an International Code of Conduct that would include all interested states.