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The Byline Survey Report, 2011: Who Narrates the World?

June 1, 2012 Comments off

The Byline Survey Report, 2011: Who Narrates the World?
Source: OpEd Project

For the last three years, the OpEd Project has conducted a Byline Survey to get a sense of who is getting heard in public discourse. The following are the results of our most recent effort, which evaluated over 7,000 articles in 10 media outlets over a 12 week period from 9/15/11 to 12/7/11. We categorized articles by media type (New, Legacy, College), publication, the author’s status as staff or not staff, and subject. After all of that hard work, I’m glad to say that we have some fascinating results to share with you.

The table below shows the proportion of total articles written by women in New Media (The Huffington Post and Salon), Legacy Media (NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal), and College Media (Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale). As you can see, women were far more active in New Media than in Legacy Media (33% vs 20%). This was expected because, in general, women are more active online than men are. If these numbers are depressing, be heartened by the 38% contribution of articles by women in College Media.