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Koch Industries tops political spenders among leading water polluters

March 9, 2015 Comments off

Koch Industries tops political spenders among leading water polluters
Source: Environment American

Koch Industries topped the list of large-scale industrial water polluters spending money on lobbying in 2014, shelling out a whopping $13.8 million, according to a new report. The enormous spending came after facilities owned by Koch Industries and their subsidiaries dumped more than 6 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the nation’s waterways in 2012.

The Environment America report, “Polluting Politics,” comes as several House lawmakers are pushing to block a rule that would restore Clean Water Act protections to the waterways that filter and feed the drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans. A House Oversight subcommittee will hear testimony on the rulemaking today.

Top violators among fracking companies range from Chesapeake and Cabot to smaller firms

January 31, 2015 Comments off

Top violators among fracking companies range from Chesapeake and Cabot to smaller firms
Source: Environment America

From Fortune 500 companies like Cabot Oil, to fly-by-night operators, to firms like Chevron who tout their clean records — virtually all types of fracking outfits are prone to breaking rules intended to protect the environment and public health, a new report says. The analysis of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry over a four-year period found that the top offenders, representing a diversity of companies, averaged more than an environmental violation every day.

+ Full report (PDF)

Report Ranks America’s Biggest Carbon Polluters

September 13, 2013 Comments off

Report Ranks America’s Biggest Carbon Polluters
Source: Environment American

A week and a half before the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose limits on carbon pollution from new power plants, a new Environment America Research and Policy Center report shines a light on America’s largest contributors to carbon pollution. The report ranks each state for its power plant pollution and lists the top 100 dirtiest plants. Environment America Research and Policy Center was joined by U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and DC Councilmember Tommy Wells in releasing the report.

In the Path of the Storm: Global Warming, Extreme Weather, and the Impacts of Weather-Related Disasters in the United States

February 23, 2012 Comments off

In the Path of the Storm: Global Warming, Extreme Weather, and the Impacts of Weather-Related Disasters in the United States
Source: Environment America

Weather disasters kill or injure hundreds of Americans each year and cause billions of dollars in economic damage. The risks posed by some types of weather-related disasters will likely increase in a warming world. Scientists have already detected increases in extreme precipitation events and heat waves in the United States, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently concluded that global warming will likely lead to further changes in weather extremes.

Since 2006 , federally declared weather-related disasters in the United States have affected counties housing 242 million people – or roughly four out of five Americans. The breadth and severity of weather-related disasters in the United States – coupled with the emerging science on the links between global warming and extreme weather – suggest that the United States should take strong action to reduce emissions of global warming pollution and take steps to protect communities from global warming-fueled extreme weather events.
Weather-related disasters are common in the United States, affecting people in every part of the country. However, the number of people affected by weather-related disasters in 2011 was unusually high, and the number of extremely costly disasters was unprecedented.

+ Full Report (PDF)

New Data Ranks the Nation’s Smoggiest Metropolitan Areas, including TX, DC and CA

September 26, 2011 Comments off

New Data Ranks the Nation’s Smoggiest Metropolitan Areas, including TX, DC and CA
Source: Environment America

As the U.S. House of Representatives considers a bill (H.R. 2401) this week that would roll back Clean Air Act protections for smog, Environment America released a new report, Danger in the Air: Unhealthy Air Days in 2010 and 2011.

According to the report, ten metropolitan areas – Houston, TX, the Washington, DC area, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA- NJ, Riverside-San Bernardino, CA, Visalia-Tulare-Porterville, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA, Fresno, CA, , and Atlanta, GA – rank worst in the country for smog pollution based on the number of unhealthy air days they experience.

“Americans deserve clean air. But on far too many days, people all across the country are exposed to dangerous smog pollution,” said Lauren Randall, Clean Air Associate for Environment America. “For the sake of our children, we must make every day a safe day to breathe.”

Smog is one of the most harmful air pollutants and also one of the most pervasive. According to the American Lung Association, nearly half of all Americans live in areas with unhealthy levels of smog pollution.

“This report shows that recent attacks on the Clean Air Act are also attacks on New Jersey,” said Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ). “We cannot afford policies that allow polluters off the hook and put the public health of our state in jeopardy. It is high time all our leaders realize that pollution does not create jobs — it creates sick people, higher medical bills, lost days of work, and is a drag on our economy.”

Because of America’s outdated air quality rules, there were even more unhealthy air days across the country than reported to the public. The report finds that in the Washington, DC area for example, there were 17 additional unhealthy air days in 2010 when those at risk were never alerted.

+ Full Report


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