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Evidence-Based Treatments for Childhood Trauma

January 25, 2013 Comments off

Evidence-Based Treatments for Childhood Trauma (PDF)

Source: Virginia Department of Social Services

Trauma-based treatments are designed to serve many children who are impacted by a wide variety of traumatic experiences. Children who are victims in motor vehicle accidents, who have experienced war, who have lived with domestic violence, who have experienced the loss of a parent to illness or to an accident, and those who have been maltreated all might benefit from interventions designed to alleviate symptoms of traumatic stress.

Children in the foster care system have often experienced deprivation or trauma such as child maltreatment that led to their placement in care. Child trauma victims of sudden parental loss, natural disasters, refugee children, or children who are immigrating to the United States with their families from war-torn countries may be living with their families of origin and may or may not be served by child welfare systems. The trauma interventions described in this article can be appropriate for both children in foster care and children living with their families.