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The Expanding Lap of Luxury Among U.S. Consumers

July 10, 2015 Comments off

The Expanding Lap of Luxury Among U.S. Consumers
Source: Nielsen

In the U.S. retail market, the word luxury doesn’t have the same connotation that it once did. Or perhaps it’s just that the consumers who shop for luxury goods aren’t who they used to be. Either way you look at it, defining luxury today is no easy task—and neither is identifying how people view the term.

For many consumers, luxury is a way to signal that they’ve “made it,” but the ways they choose to showcase or express their status can be as varied as the consumers themselves. For example, some convey it subtly through the scarcity and heritage of the products they purchase. Others take a more forthright approach by purchasing eye-catching products they want to showcase for everyone to admire and covet.

Regardless of how consumers choose to bring luxury into their lives, the U.S. has the deepest pockets when it comes to luxury retail spending. In fact, management consulting firm Bain and Co. estimates that Americans spent $73.3 billion on luxury goods last year—more than consumers in Japan, Italy, France and China combined.

Screen Wars: The Battle for Eye Space in a TV-Everywhere World

April 3, 2015 Comments off

Screen Wars: The Battle for Eye Space in a TV-Everywhere World
Source: Nielsen

We are living in a world of 24/7 connectivity. We access content on our own terms, and we like it that way. Across the globe, more than three quarters (76%) of respondents in a Nielsen online survey of digital attitudes and behaviors say they enjoy the freedom of being connected anywhere, anytime. While this flexibility can be a benefit to us, it represents a huge challenge for brands and content providers vying for our attention.

While media fragmentation is happening across all formats, the “Screen Wars” report focuses on video programming, which we define as any type of content, such as TV, cable shows, professional video or user-generated content, that is watched on your TV, PC, mobile phone, tablet or e-reader device. The Nielsen Global Digital Landscape Survey polled 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries to understand how the changing digital landscape is affecting how, where and why we watch video programming. We also examine consumption preferences for video programming, including the devices most commonly used for selected genres and the devices used to view video at home and on the go.

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The State of Private Label Around the World

January 7, 2015 Comments off

The State of Private Label Around the World
Source: Nielsen

Perceptions about private-label brands are favorable around the world, but value shares are not correspondingly distributed; they are much higher in developed regions like Europe, North America and Australia.

Private-label success is strongest in commodity-driven, high-purchase categories and those where consumers perceive little differentiation. Private-label growth typically comes at the expense of small- and mid-sized brands, while category leaders remain relatively safe.

Retail consolidation and the expansion of the discount format are key drivers for private-label growth in developed markets. Private label struggles to gain consumer trust in Asia and the Middle East, where consumers are fiercely brand loyal.

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Not So Silent Nights: Radio Is the Perfect Spot to Find Holiday Spirit

December 16, 2014 Comments off

Not So Silent Nights: Radio Is the Perfect Spot to Find Holiday Spirit
Source: Nielsen

Sleigh bells might be ringing, but what really gets U.S. consumers in the holiday spirit is, literally, the sound of music!

According to a recent Nielsen survey, nearly half of all respondents (49.5%) said hearing holiday music on the radio put them in the holiday spirit. However, it seems that the holiday state of mind resonates differently among the sexes—57% of women said hearing holiday music on the radio put them in a holiday mood, compared with 42% of men.

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Digital Enablement for Retail Banking

December 15, 2014 Comments off

Digital Enablement for Retail Banking
Source: Nielsen

In the traditional analog banking world, huge investments were made in physical bank branches, canvasing many geographies, staffed with cadres of tellers and advisors engaged in high-touch transactions. But times have changed, and technology and digital channels are now top of mind for retail banks.

Banks are now focused on a seamless end-to-end digitized experience for their customers, a trend that’s likely compounded by fear that tech companies will invade their territory. While many banking professionals rank digital channels and mobile technology as top priorities, it’s important for the banking sector to maintain their focus on the greenest areas of opportunity. And in that respect, consumers with robust assets and deep pockets should be top of mind.

This group, coined the mass affluent, live in households with $250,000 to $1,000,000 in liquid assets. They also control about 26% of total U.S. wealth. The important thing with this group is that its digital banking needs vary by generation. While the Baby Boomers and Silent Generation make up 77%, younger generations are growing in importance and financial prowess. So in light of the differences, a one-size-fits-all approach to digital in retail banking is not a viable way to encourage success.

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Listen Up! Hispanic Consumers and Music

December 1, 2014 Comments off

Listen Up! Hispanic Consumers and Music
Source: Nielsen

Music is a key component of Hispanic life and Hispanics are among the most enthusiastic consumers of music across a variety of genres regardless of acculturation level. Having roots in Mexico and various countries across Central America, South America and the Caribbean, Hispanics are diverse, speak multiple languages, and straddle multiple cultures. There is no single narrative that applies to those who identify themselves as Hispanic. Some are recent immigrants who speak only Spanish, some are descendants of families who immigrated generations ago and speak only English, and some speak Spanish and English with equal ease.

One thing that binds Hispanics together is a passion for music.

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Serving Today’s Military Consumers

November 6, 2014 Comments off

Serving Today’s Military Consumers
Source: Nielsen

Veterans Day, originally founded to remember the cease-fire of World War I, has become a day for Americans to remember and honor all veterans, as well as active-duty members of the U.S. military.

But we aren’t the only ones who should remember these national heroes. Whether they’re on active duty or have already served their country, today’s military members and their families are also consumers. By understanding these shoppers and their families’ unique consumer habits, retailers and manufacturers can better reach this segment of the population and serve their specific needs.