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Global Defense Outlook 2014: Adapt, collaborate, and invest

July 1, 2014

Global Defense Outlook 2014: Adapt, collaborate, and invest
Source: Deloitte

Instability in Ukraine, Japan’s efforts to revitalize its defense, China’s continued military buildup, and US debates over post-war defense spending and force posture – these events highlight fundamental shifts in long-term global defense policies. What is driving these shifts, and how are nations responding? The evolving global economy, combined with changed security threats facing the largest defense spenders, is driving revisions in defense planning and spending.

The Global Defense Outlook 2014 provides insights from the analysis of publicly-available information and interviews with officials in government and industry by Deloitte’s global network of defense-oriented professionals. The report examines current policies, practices, and trends affecting the defense ministries of 50 nations whose total publicly-acknowledged spending on national defense accounts for more than 92% of global defense outlays.


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