The Top 10 Migration Issues of 2012

December 15, 2012

The Top 10 Migration Issues of 2012 (PDF)
Source: Migration Policy Institute

Issue #1: Migration Flows Rise, Diversify as Global Economy Stumbles Toward Recovery
Issue #2: Obama Administration Action Benefitting DREAMers a Game-Changer in US Immigration Debate
Issue #3: Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Just One of Several Campaign Messages for Far-Right Parties
Issue #4: Forced Migration: No Resolution in Sight for Syrians, Violent Outbreaks Displace Thousands across African Continent
Issue #5: The Stars May Be Aligning for Break in Long-Running Stalemate over Major US Immigration Policy Reform
Issue #6: 2012 Proved a Year of Migration Management Headaches in the European Union

Issue #7: Governments Crack Down on Student Visa Fraud
Issue #8: Major Immigration Countries Take a Crack at Addressing Thorny Issue of Immigrant Detention
Issue #9: International Student Mobility Rises, and Countries Seek to Capitalize
Issue #10: As Migration of Unaccompanied Minors Endures, and in Some Cases Rises, Governments Seek to Respond

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