Temporary Admissions of Nonimmigrants to the United States

November 29, 2012

Temporary Admissions of Nonimmigrants to the United States

Source: Migration Policy Institute

The number of temporary admissions of nonimmigrants to the United States — tourists, international students, diplomats, or temporary workers — has reached 53.1 million admissions in 2011. The growth, due in part to more accurate border counts, is largely spurred by a surge in the number of business travelers and tourists — a trend that is expected to continue.

Recent presidential initiatives are likely to further increase the number of nonimmigrant admissions in the coming years, with the advent of regulation changes designed to speed the issuance of visas for the growing numbers of international travelers from China and Brazil.

This updated Spotlight examines the admission statistics of foreign nationals who came to the United States on temporary (nonimmigrant) visas in 2011 and who had to complete an I-94 arrival/departure form (more about the I-94 form on the US Customs and Border Protection website.

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