New From the GAO

September 26, 2011

New GAO Reports (PDFs)
Source: Government Accountability Office

1. Child Welfare: More Information and Collaboration Could Promote Ties Between Foster Care Children and Their Incarcerated Parents.  GAO-11-863, September 26.
Highlights –

2. Prescription Drug Control:  DEA Has Enhanced Efforts to Combat Diversion, but Could Better Assess and Report Program Results.  GAO-11-744, August 26.
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3. Organizational Transformation: Military Departments Can Improve Their Enterprise Architecture Programs.  GAO-11-902, September 26.
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4. Excess Uranium Inventories: Clarifying DOE’s Disposition Options Could Help Avoid Further Legal Violations.  GAO-11-846, September 26.
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5. Defense Health Care:  Cost Impact of Health Care Reform and the Extension of Dependent Coverage.  GAO-11-837R, September 26.

6. DOD Met Statutory Reporting Requirements on Public-Private Competitions.  GAO-11-923R, September 26.

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