Is There a Future for Retirement?

September 22, 2011

Is There a Future for Retirement?
Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute

EBRI’S 68TH POLICY FORUM: This article summarizes the presentations and discussions at the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s May 12, 2011, policy forum, on the topic: “Is There a Future for Retirement?” This was EBRI’s 68th policy forum and was attended by about 120 policy and professional experts.

WORKING LONGER: Various reports in recent years suggest that working an extra two or three years would solve the problem of inadequate retirement savings for most people, but this has not been well documented or quantified. New EBRI research presented at the policy forum addressed that question with comprehensive data from its Retirement Security Projection Model.®

IMPLICATIONS: A broad range of experts discussed a variety of key issues related to America’s aging work force and the implications of working longer. These include such issues as whether financially feasible retirement ages can be kept within acceptable ranges, and the implications of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers working past age 65.

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